Idol Master Live For You XBOX 360

Finally immediately before beginning at fan 765 professional Thanksgiving. Clothes and music, etc. are freely chosen as the idol, and 'Idolmastarraibforyu' that can make live of my inclination is put on the market finally. Then, let's open the download contents that the offer starts at the same time as putting it on the market (hereafter, DLC) to the public only a little. DLC is additional data of clothes and the music, etc. that can be bought through Xbox LIVE, and fan important items that expand the width of coordination. Let's wait for the sale as which is bought being worried. Moreover, a part of various elements collected while playing a game in addition to the content of the collection of 'Limited amount original animated cartoon bundle version' is delivered this time. It is only any thing that can be missed though it is a plenty content.

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