Dream white paper

H℃ latest work drew the story that strives so that the hero who has the ability that the ghost can be seen may revive those who think by the death, and plays a game the pure love adventure by drinking the flow of 'Dream master' that is this brand work. The ghost and the ghost that appears in the hero to which there are an other party and regret of the becoming it first love and it cannot die … And, the youth it laughs, it exists with the companion who has shared the hero with time for a long time, and with tears play is unfolded. This work shares the former work 'Dream master' and the outlook on the world, and is one of the elements that can enjoy the more game for the user who played 'Dream master'. Without worry because it is possible to enjoy it enough of course even by the unplay. A pure desire and the conflict of companions who besiege the hero and him are described, and a sweet, painful pure love play starts now.

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