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To change places starting with the grandmother's having decided parents and cohabitation, Gentomoyuki of ..hero.. smell (and) starts living alone in the grandmother house.
It faces rain water (sweetness) town as if the flow of like time stopped.
It comes to play at each long rest, and it unrestrained lives alone ..nostalgic place.. freely.
Reunion named student government chairman and Article 9 Ten'ot () contacted after it agrees in the same age childhood friend, Hira Semeg (person attack silverberry) that lives in the next, and old times each other.
It is an only daughter in the Shinto shrine in local, and calm, happy every day that flows including the senior and Kirishima Ca () of the educational institution that is yearning for a moment in a relaxed manner.
Comfortable life where parents did not exist was ..Mare (.. happy recently though it did not see, coming) came, and it had become noisy somewhat of a saucy younger sister.
Such life did not continue the kick ..long.. either.
Sudden meeting that falls and boils.
The great girl of the god abruptly throngs it.
The girl tells the god named heaven fountain Moriamefl Yomei) to criticize and to enshrine it to the house great paste Tomoyuki with the mosquito net what.
It ..nature.. behaves by cannot the desire and as the god. as my
Big change visited Tomoyuki who did not doubt that this life leads in front of around very usually.
Every day of new meeting and intimate companion ..hurried.. happy.
Does anything new start in a nostalgic town that always exists in memories if it turns around?




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