The visual fan book on bud bud animated cartoon 'Moetan' of the topic boil is finally appearance. When the cover comes character design Nishio Couhacshi Ega very much and Cda undressing ..cover.. cover is taken, even clothes of the character are special specifications that it is possible to take it together. And, drawing the lower poster by special English conversation CD 'Moetan corner business trip version !' by a popular radio actor and Tamura of rainbow field Yac and Mr. character original bill POP adheres. In addition, it is gorgeous Cast by character introduction, Tamura, and supervisor Kawaguchi × series composition Hasemi of Mr./Ms. × Nagatcho P and Mr. POP × Mr. Nishio who analyzed thoroughness as for the illustration gallery of enhancement where the illustration by Mr. POP was collected and the transformation scene of the topic.

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