Konboku Majan

...racket.. Dotabataeroero mah-jong. The racket mah-jong adventure delivered by a collaboration the dream of × escudo appears. The mah-jong part adopts the game system of 'Mah-jong hero × beelzebub' of the escudo, and is a business mind as for four items (the story mode free fighting mode, the beginner course, and the extra mode). The stage of the story is a town of "Hill of Ke Satomi" that appears in'. The heroine and the popular writer ..appearance heroine.. formation of 'I who doesn't come' are plenty and a fan disk enjoyment element is plenty slower. the mah-jong confrontation developed with the sparrow person and heroines who have become it total 16 of the new heroines who handle itIt will be able to enjoy ..H.. story brightly with variegated heroines.

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