<< with powerful Tamashiiticara It makes from "RPG that touches the mind" and 'The Shining wind' that Sega of shrine maiden >> of the day circle presents to the partner of the hero who is Cocorokenshi, and the thing that I decided on the other hand is ..calm character.. owner with the pretty face to yearn for ..possession of strength of the mind of not bending it.. Shena "KUREHA". The intersection that the had bow weaves makes up the space beauty only of the solid, and favors glossy clothes that arranged Japanese clothes further more greatly and right and left by twisting the body and the arm a swinging sleeve, a long hair, and the hand. Illustration/Tony scale: 1/8

The total height: About 210mm

Price: \6,090(price \5,800 of main body)

Material: PVC(a part of ABS)

Commodity specification: Final product that has been painted

Release date: April, 2008

Those who produce prototype
:Scarlet road

official web site : http://www.kotobukiya.co.jp/item/page/pvc_shiningwind_kureha/index.shtml